Mister Donut having Cookie Butter Collection exclusive at Greenhills Branch

There’s a global trend stating that Cookie Butter seems to be the must-have spread for your toast or pancakes.  Convenient cookie goodness in a jar with that sweet nutty cinnamon taste has the whole world craving for more.  Think about the commotion this would cause once it was combined with donuts.  Thus, Mister Donut just couldn’t resist designing such divine delights through its masterful Cookie Butter Collection.  Exclusively available at their Greenhills branch, be prepared to experience something absolutely spectacular and fabulous at the same time!

Their no. 1 original Japanese Donut, the Pon de Ring, takes its chewy goodness to another level through its creamy variant with a cookie butter middle gently topped with powdered sugar (P39).  Those who are looking for a little more bite can dig into their crunchy flavor decorated with cookie butter twirls exquisitely crisscrossed with caramel and chocolate lines (P49).  The Do-ssant also has Creamy (P70) and Crunchy (P75) options wherein the cookie butter is lovingly spread around the center with a generous sprinkling of caramel and chocolate drops.  It’ll definitely be so difficult to resist such wonderfully made signature line donuts.

Their latest offering inspired by French pastry chefs will definitely be worth mentioning.  The Creamy French Cruller (P39), a crown-shaped donut with that melt-in-your-mouth texture, has a delicious interlace of cookie butter and chocolate to please your palate.  While the Crunchy French Cruller (P49) has a magnificent cookie butter cream dollop in the middle with chocolate twirls on the side topped off with petite chocolate shavings.  People might find themselves singing, “La Marseillaise”, the French national anthem after savoring such a delicious bite.

For only P300, you can sample this entire Cookie Butter Collection in just one box. Of course, the other flavors for the Pon de Ring, the Do-ssant, and the French Cruller are available as well.  Don’t hesitate.  Come on down to Mister Donut Greenhills and taste for yourself why everyone’s just loving the cookie butter craze.  Now, imagine that only with Mister Donut donuts.  Utterly divine, right?

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