Philips Salon Dry Compact Hair Dryer Review

I admit I am a late bloomer when it comes to getting prettify and kikay. My mom did not even teach me how to do my hair or anything under the sun in how to look pretty.

I often do after taking a bath would dress up and go already school even my hair is still wet and dripping. I just started learning using a hair dryer the time my aunt from the States gave us a hair dryer my sisters can use. At first, I am so stubborn to use the hair dryer to dry my hair. It takes time to dry my hair because of having long hair and quite thick to dry easily.


I was told that constant styling or even drying the can be damages in the end. Using the wrong hair styling tools and reaching a high temperature can break or burn your hair. I have a stubborn hair and using a hair iron takes me almost an hour to finish. I wanted to iron my hair regularly but I not that confident in the product in the end. I do not know what product I should get that many can attest to its good standard.


Just recently, I attended the Philips Glam Night and my team for the hair styling contest won. We all each won a Philips Salon Dry Compact Hair Dryer. I love having this one so compact and I can bring it anywhere.



Philips Salon Dry Compact Hair Dryer Review







Upon unboxing, it contains the instruction manual, warranty, Philips Salon Dry Compact Hair Dryer and Narrow concentrator for focused airflow.

If you could notice, you will need an adaptor because it using a round plug. With the 1100W, it easily dried my hair. As what we are told from our event that the higher the wattage the faster and beautiful results.


Beautifully styled hair

  • 1100W for beautiful results
  • 2 flexible speed settings for careful drying
  • Narrow concentrator for focused airflow

Easy to use

  • Compact design for easy handling
  • Foldable handle for easy portability
  • Easy storage hook for convenient storage
  • 1.5 m power cord

Jeremy Philips Salon Dry Compact Hair Dryer Review

I would definitely use this hair dryer from time to time. I dry my hair when we I take a bath at night before going to sleep. I will not need to wait up for my hair to dry and I can go to sleep immediately. In addition, one unique way also, I found using a hair drying is drying when I put deodorant. I use roll-on deodorant and waiting to dry up takes time before I can put my shirt on.

He loves the design of the Philips Salon Dry Compact Hair Dryer that can be folded and hooked after use. It may be small but it can do its job mostly when you are traveling and needing a hair dryer. One comment is why having a round plug when all the plugs here in the Philippines are flat. It would be a big problem when you’re out traveling and the plugs you’re staying just have that flat outlets. Better, bring an adaptor just to be sure.  Also would be great to have the cable can be tied up to be really be compact.

Have you tried other hair styling products from Philips? I would appreciate if you can share it here. You can also check out about the Philips Glam Night event click on this link:

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