LG Ultra HD TV with the Team Kramer

Photos from LG

Yesterday was the launching of LG Ultra HD TV Roadshow at Eastwood Mall Atrium, Quezon City. LG Brand ambassadors the Team Kramer Family graced the event. Team Kramer consist of husband and wife Doug and Cheska Kramer, and their lovely kids Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin.

Team Kramer watch Disney movie “Frozen” that Kendra and Scarlett favourite. Doug and Cheska also demonstrated the features what does the LG Ultra HD TV 4K #‎LGUHDTVReal4K that made a family choice of TV the whole family will enjoy. Having such a TV at home is a great investment and you can sit and relax at home and still enjoy that movie features like in the movie houses.

Team Kramer
Photo from Facebook Team Kramer

4K Resolution

A new standard of high definition raises the viewing bar higher than ever. 4K resolution is the future of digital picture, attaining a resolution four times that of Full HD, with a stunning 8.3 million pixels for flawless picture and incredibly vivid detail.

IPS Panel

Photos from LG
Photos from LG

LG’s state-of-the-art screen panel provides a wide viewing angle that makes every location the best seat in the house. Family and friends will enjoy vibrant color and virtually blur-free pictures clear across the room.

4K Future Compatible



LG 4K TVs meet the current UHD standards by including support for native UHD content and are the only sets currently on the market to include a high efficiency video codec (HEVC) also known as H.265 for streaming UHD content via the Smart TV interface.

As new sources of content become available in the future, some may require next generation interfaces and LG is planning to make an upgrade available later in the year which will support the latest versions of HDMI and HEVC.*

May require a separate purchase and installation. Contact LG Customer Service with any questions regarding the LG 4K upgrade offer.
Cinema 3D in 4K Resolution

“Awesome!” barely scratches the surface. With ULTRA HD Cinema 3D you’re experiencing four times the resolution of Full HD 1080p, so every 3D effect is eye-opening unbelievable. You even have the option of converting 2D content to 3D whenever you please. LG makes it easy to share the excitement with battery-free glasses that are lightweight and affordable.

*For a small percentage of the population, the viewing of stereoscopic 3D video technology may cause discomfort such as headaches, dizziness or nausea. If you experience any symptoms, discontinue using the 3D functionality and contact your health care provider.


Photo credit to Facebook page Team Kramer and LG.com