Instagram on Windows Phone 8 without video and photo capabilities


Instagram is the widely used photo app by many from android and IPhone. Instagram is not available for IPad users and Windows phones. I myself own a windows phone and so disappointed to know some apps are not available for my phone so I was forced to have android phone the same time.

Now after three years Instagram is already available for Windows Phone but hold your horses. There are some limits in using the Instagram for your Windows Phone.

  • Instagram is only available to Windows 8 so if you have Windows 8 below phones well don’t even waste your time. My phone is Windows 7.8 having Instagram on my phone would be a myth.
  • You can’t use Instagram’s semi-new video feature.
  • You can’t take photos using the app. Yes you can only use photos stored in your camera roll using your phone’s regular camera app.

Knowing this would really annoying that if you plan to post something in your Instagram you need first to take a photo using your regular camera app. Once finished you can log on in your Instagram and go to your camera roll and look for your photo. What a drag right the hassle of doing everything.

Instagram wanted to be available to Windows Phones as soon as possible and they will continue in developing and polishing the app. They will be updating the apps and try to add the features users are looking for.

So for now take photos first before logging in your Instagram to avoid that hassles you need to logout just to have that photo taken.


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