BUM Rockin your way to Fashion this holiday


The ever-evolving clothing brand BUM goes for a rock-star and utilitarian vibe for its Holiday collection. BUM is incorporating leather, oxidized prints, ombre pieces, and knits, into its Holiday Collection.


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Dubbed as “I Start the Revolution,” which is the third and highlight of BUM’s three-part My ATEEtude campaign for 2013, the brand’s Holiday Collection emphasizes on pieces that go for two things: an edgy, rock-star vibe and a stylish, utilitarian chic.

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Think biker jackets, acid-wash skinny jeans, hoodies, long-back shirts, and leather-accented items. Leather, which can make the wearer look casual, sexy, and daring, appears in the form of piping, pockets, or sleeves.

And because the Holiday collection serves as the brand’s banner campaign for 2013, it is but natural for BUM to up the ante this time around.


After playing around with bright colors, BUM goes for more solid colors. Chino bottoms with new trimmings, digital prints, cargo pants, and ombre pieces—which refer to garments that have a graduation of colors on them— have also made their way into this collection.

Knit is also a key element in the Holiday collection. Expect BUM to come out with knitted jackets, shirts with collars, and comfy but stylish blouses for girls.

Now BUM’s accessories available.


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With BUM’s new pieces, you now have all the reasons to be a standout this season.

BUM is available in leading department stores nationwide.

For more information:

Visit BUM Equipment website: www.bumequipment.com.ph
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bumequip
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bumequip
Instagram: http://instagram.com/officialbum


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