SM Cyberzone open at SM San Mateo

SM Cyberzone always been part when a new SM open. This is where people will go buy the newest and trendy smartphones. They also looking for phone network service center like Globe, Smart or Sun for their network needs. Not only that SM Cyberzone has stores that offers assorted accessories for your phones and tablets. Everything in one place and you don’t have to look far everything in one roof.

After you gone grocery or eating out at the food court or even finished watching your favorite movie you can check out the SM Cyberzone.

The SM Cyvberzone San Mateo is located at the left side of the building 3rd floor. If you’re coming from the SM Cinema you just need to take the nearest escalator one floor down and your already at the SM Cyberzone San Mateo area. It is also beside the 3rd flood building parking of the SM San Mateo.

Here are the some stores that already opened during the SM San Mateo grand opening.


Here is also our video coverage during the ribbon cutting of the SM Cyberzone San Mateo.


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