Panasonic Opens Their First System Solutions Showroom In Taytay, Rizal

Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation (PMPC) or better know simply as Panasonic Philippines is among the market leaders for consumer electronics, business, and commercial with products ranging from something as menial and simple as Batteries with their Eneloop line, to large scale projectors for movie theaters and way more.

On June 30, 2023 They opened a brand new showroom for System Solutions Products at their Philippine Headquarters in Taytay, Rizal Philippines. This showroom aims to showcase products that B2B Business would greatly benefit from, from the likes of the most cutting edge projectors for any application, and innovative POS solutions for retail.

This significant occasion reinforces Panasonic’s standing as a leading presence in the market for business solutions. Through the utilization of advanced technologies and their deep understanding of the industry, Panasonic consistently offers innovative tools to progressive organizations, empowering them to succeed in the era of globalization.