Lights Out and Away We GOMO! 

In recent years, many Filipinos have started to have a more diverse interest in the field of sports, especially with the increasing popularity of motor racing across the region. After all, this adrenaline-pumping sport fuels viewers with much excitement as they cheer on their favorite athletes and watch the thrilling action unfold right before their eyes in high-speed fashion. 

To bring this high-octane action closer to Filipinos, GOMO hosted an epic motor racing-themed event that brings the Grand Prix sensation to fans for ‘Mo thrills! 

“This 2022, we’re bringing the action closer to our subscribers. Through our game-changing lifestyle app, we are catapulting the GOMO fam to awesome by giving them access to the most thrilling experiences aligned with their unique passions by simply swapping their data via ‘Mo Creds,” said Don Laudencia, GOMO Marketing Director. 

At the event, GOMO invited its subscribers to rise up to the challenge and see if they have what it takes to handle the pressure of performing when it matters. Participants were able to enjoy several adrenaline-pumping activities including: 

  1. A pit stop challenge where participants were able to live out the absolute precision and perfect teamwork needed to ensure an ultra-fast pit stop 
  1. Next-level simulator racing where participants got a chance to take a glimpse into the extraordinary world of Grand Prix racing 
  1. The ultimate reaction test used by race car drivers to see if participants have the hand-eye coordination and peripheral awareness required of a racer 

It also gave participants a chance to bag official merchandise. What’s more–subscribers were able to enjoy and get first dibs on these activities simply by joining the GOMO fam and swapping their ‘Mo Creds for TapGO vouchers! 

Aside from the thrilling on-ground event, GOMO also gave fans the chance to watch the Grand Prix action live. In a recently concluded promo, subscribers just needed to swap 10GB of data via ‘Mo Creds to get three raffle entries and a TapGO three-day Premium Plus Access. One lucky winner won an all-expenses-paid trip for two to the Singapore Grand Prix, which will happen in October! 

“‘Mo Creds is your gateway to a whole new world of thrilling IRL adventures to turbocharge your social life with authentic experiences that fuel your unique passions,” added Laudencia. 

The digital telco brand, launched in the Philippines two years ago, has rapidly grown to more than two million subscribers through its fresh and unique offers. It has created fun ways to let users make the most of their data. Through its game-changing lifestyle app, subscribers can enjoy high speed data that never expires not only for text and calls, but also for lifestyle vouchers that give them the freedom and flexibility to access more meaningful experiences. 

This October, GOMO is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary and is giving subscribers more reasons to experience ‘Mo thrills, ‘Mo frills, and ‘Mo adventures as it launches awesome events, data deals and offers just for the GOMO Fam! 

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