Be the Next Social Media Sensation using the vivo V25 

PHILIPPINES, SEPTEMBER 26, 2022: It isn’t easy to imagine life without social media, especially now that we live in a digital era. Staying connected and informed is much easier because of social apps. But aside from these advantages, one can also become an established content creator and earn money through social platforms if used wisely and creatively.  

Thus, many have taken content creation seriously because the possibilities are limitless in the world of social media. vivo shares a short list of tips to make your content stand out and help you become the next social media sensation using the flagship midrange vivo V25.  

Stay curious  

Every day, people see different contents — from Tiktok challenges, thrilling travel adventures,  must-try experiences to prank videos — audiences never run out of posts to view on various social media platforms. And this is why it’s challenging for many creators to consistently produce fresh and exciting content. However, going back to the basics can do the trick.  Ask questions and remain curious. So read, research, learn, unlearn, and relearn from other content creators by saving their output and reviewing what made it a trend. It’s ideal to have a device that allows you to store more data like the vivo V25 Series’ Extended RAM 3.0 giving the vivo V25 a whopping 8GB+8GB RAM and 256GB ROM. Worry less and fuel your child-like curiosity as this can help you develop exciting content ideas.  

You can also take advantage of vivo V25 Photochromic 2.0 Technology to channel your creativity.  The back cover of the vivo V25 can transform into different colors when exposed to sunlight. The aesthetic colors might give you a few ideas to kickstart your unique content! Another plus point for vivo V25 is that it’s only 2.5D thin and weighs 186g, offering users a comfortable grip. With its light and slim body, you can bring the device to accompany you wherever you go.  

Share what you know and you’re passionate about 

You don’t have to create overly complicated content to be viral online. You may simply share what you love and are passionate about to engage your audience. Are you a certified plantita? Why not start creating Tiktok videos on how to grow succulent plants properly? Are you gifted with amazing Excel skills? Then, consider doing tutorial videos on Excel hacks, tips, and tricks. Are you a fur parent? Then, why not document the moments you share with your furbabies and publish them on your socials? What drives you and gives you happiness can be somebody’s source of joy too, so go on and spread love and fun through your next content.  

vivo V25’s cutting-edge camera features will help you capture and share more of what you love in glorious detail. It supports a Multi-Style Portrait that allows you to take stunning shots and Dual-View Video, which enables you to vlog with the front and rear cameras simultaneously. Whether you’re taking a video of your dog, or shooting content about your plants, you can easily use this feature to take a vlog and let the fun and creative result impress your audience. 

Share eye-catching and clear videos and photographs  

Whether people admit it or not,  aesthetically appealing content will initially catch the eyes of the viewers. If you want to make noticeable and shareable content, consider putting efforts into capturing compelling visual images and video outputs. Good thing you can easily and seamlessly do this using the vivo V25. Equipped with superb imaging capability such as the 50MP Eye AF Selfie – the highest resolution front camera in its price range – users can capture ultra-clear details day or night. The vivo V25’s Eye Auto Focus feature also allows you to create super high-quality portraits effortlessly with just one tap.  

On top of this, the vivo V25 also houses 64MP OIS  Ultra-Sensing camera with OIS hardware and EIS software that let you capture even steadier and clearer footage. To add more aesthetics and creativity to your content, the vivo V25 also supports a unique Bokeh Flare Portrait that blurs noisy surroundings and makes your subject stand out amid dreamlike flares.  

When it comes to your vlogs, trust that the vivo’s Vlog Movie will provide you with high-quality videos as it supports 9 built-in vlog templates to cover your favorite video scenarios. Scripts are also available to guide you on how to move the camera, add special effects, add background music, etc. This feature will show you how to create a professional vlog step by step, simply by using a premium phone like the vivo V25.  

With the vivo V25, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your photos and videos as the device camera department will surely provide you with glorious outputs. 

Be Authentic 

If you want to connect with your audience and gain their trust, authenticity is a must. People appreciate and can easily connect with content creators who stay true to themselves. You’ll never know the number of people you’ll inspire and touch by simply being genuine.  

Priced at PHP 23,999.00 , Filipino content creators can purchase the vivo V25 via vivo’s official  website, Shopee, Lazada and all vivo stores and kiosks nationwide. 

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