Jolianne Unveils Emotional R&B Ballad ‘I’ll Be Somebody You Want’

Last June 27 marks a pivotal moment for rising singer-songwriter Jolianne as she launches her latest single, “I’ll Be Somebody You Want,” under Sony Music Entertainment. This soulful R&B ballad delves deep into the complexities of love and acceptance, celebrating genuine connections that embrace every aspect of one’s being, imperfections and all.

Penned by Jolianne herself, the song reflects moments of vulnerability and longing, expressing a desire for a love that is unconditional yet resilient in the face of challenges. “I wrote this song about someone who only loved me at my best. But true love accepts all parts of a person, good and bad,” Jolianne shares. “I want to be loved as completely as I love.”

Produced by RJ Pineda, renowned for his work with Filipino bands like Apartel and Brat Pack, “I’ll Be Somebody You Want” showcases Jolianne’s vocals at the forefront, with meticulous attention to detail in its arrangements. Reflecting on the collaboration, Jolianne praises Pineda’s versatility and deep musical knowledge, noting the layers of complexity he brought to the track.

“This song is a milestone for me,” Jolianne reveals. “It’s heavily produced yet retains a raw, emotional core that harks back to my earlier work, but with a refined musicality that pushes boundaries.”

With “I’ll Be Somebody You Want,” Jolianne not only explores personal experiences but also invites listeners to connect with her journey as an artist. The single is now available on all major digital platforms worldwide, showcasing Jolianne’s evolution and commitment to authentic storytelling through music.