Honda Riding Assist reveals at CES 2017

Honda Unveils Latest Developments at CES Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas Jan 5 2017. Honda just reveals their newest invention a motorcycle that don’t falls. The Honda Riding Assist concept motorcycle keeps itself upright at a stop or during low-speed maneuvers.

This bike can balance at itself because of the Honda Riding Assist and it can keep itself upright. It can even follow its owner to be parked.  With the Honda Riding Assist this reduces the possibility of falling. The Honda Riding Assist doesn’t uses Gyroscopes but it use on robotics used in their Uni-cub Mobility device. Honda didn’t mention when the bike will enter production.



Honda made the perfect solution that common riders problems in balancing such big bikes.

Dropping your bike at a stop sign or during a low-speed maneuver is the fear of any new motorcyclist. It’s easy enough to keep your bike upright at speed, but sneaking through a parking lot, all that mass is dying to tumble. Honda seems to have the perfect solution, with a new concept bike that can balance itself either during a low-speed crawl or when stopped completely.