U-BIX Celebrates it’s 40th year

UBXU-Bix Corporation, the country’s pioneer and leader in providing one-stop solutions for the office and production printing industry, sees major growth opportunities in new and better technologies and services in today’s digital world.

“Nowadays, the fast-changing digital and networked world offers tremendous potential, and U-Bix is well-positioned to continue leading the market change,” said Atty. Edilberto Bravo, U-Bix founder, chairman and CEO, during the company’s 40th anniversary celebration at Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City.

During his speech, Bravo recapped the innovations that U-Bix pioneered since its earliest days. “We started operations in 1974 by launching the first plain paper copier, which made ubiquitous carbon copies obsolete. We followed through with color copiers which made documents more effective communication tools. Our portfolio includes Risograph machines that relegated mimeographed copies to relics of the past.  We brought technology innovations that have greatly increased quality, functionality and flexibility in office copying and printing.”

For U-Bix, the future looks bright. While the company still leads the market with its core business of copiers, it has expanded into multi-functional peripherals and production printing equipment. It has also extended into related niches like office furniture and facilities management services. “We’ve seen major growth in all these office- and document-related areas. Looking forward, we are excited to bring step-change technologies like 3D printing, specialized photo-printing, network connectivity and much more to our customers,” Atty. Bravo said.


In 2007, U-Bix acquired Kodak Philippines’ Kodak Imaging Center operation. Rebranded as the U-Bix Imaging Center (UIC), the new division focuses on end-to-end conversion, digitization and management of documents. At the opening of its products and services exhibit, U-Bix general manager Eduardo Reyes noted how the company integrates and adds value to a document throughout and beyond its life-cycle. “Aside from printing and copying documents, we now convert them digitally to make them easily searchable and retrievable, and store them safely both physically and virtually.” The company expects UIC to be a source of significant growth in the future, particularly as businesses and the government place high priority on digitally imaging records and data.

Recognizing superior customer service as its unique strength, Atty. Bravo recalled how U-Bix was the first to make the remarkable promise that its service engineers would respond to customer calls in 2 hours or less.  It continues to make good on that promise 35 years later, and is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Thanking longtime business partners Konica Minolta, Okamura, Riso Kagaku, ServiceMaster and Aramark, Bravo remarked that “our partners’ world-class products and our superior customer service make for an ideal fit. This drove U-Bix’s growth over the past four decades.”

Reflecting on U-Bix’s 40th anniversary milestone, Atty. Bravo said “I like to think of our company as 40 years young, and only just beginning.  As I look to the future, I’m confident that the best is yet to come.”