The new Tiendesitas is now Bigger, Cooler and Better!

tiendesitas logoYeah, that’s right! They managed to renovate the first building of the New Tiendesitas just in time for the Christmas season! Tiendesitas just turned eight years old since the start of the operations on September 26, 2005, and the time has come for a complete makeover of the villages. They want to double the retail space available for tenants and shoppers, so the 3 hectare piece of land where seven retail categories stand ( Also called Villages ) will be dismantled and rebuilt into a two-story behemoth complete with a Central Air Conditioning system and Wi-Fi.

New Tiendesitas (3)

The first rebuilt Village would be the Fashion Village, the only one for 2013. It proudly sits two levels high with 12,300 square meters of retails space and the only one with a basement parking. They will not be putting basement parking for the other villages due to geological limits. Despite the modernization of the New Tiendesitas, they managed to keep some of the architectural cues of the old mixed in with the new. The Maranao architectural elements can be in its pavillion, and matching it with an indoor-outdoor feel through high ceilings and provisional balconies.

New Tiendesitas (2)

The project is hoped to finish in 2016, and when finished the New Tiendesitas will have a total of 35,000 square meters of retail space with three more Categories/Villages. For more information you can go to their website