Philips Microdose Mammography System helps detect Breast Cancer

Philips Microdose Mammography system


Philips is also providers of machines helping in health and wellness. One of those machines is the Philips Microdose Mammography System that detects Breast Cancer.

Breast cancer cannot be seen and detected by ordinary ultrasound. Most patients worry about the radiation that will incur during testing.

With Philips Microdose Mammography system can enhance the efficiency of screening programs by increasing the diagnostic confidence of clinicians and by avoiding unnecessary radiation exposure.

Furthermore, the contact area with your breast is nicely warmed to body temperature. The benefit of this is not only that it provides comfort for you as a patient, but since you may be more relaxed, it will facilitate the staff in taking care of you to position you correctly and get a good quality image. This may help to avoid having to do extra images, which sometimes is the case when the breast is not positioned correctly the first time.

Men can also have Breast Cancer

Men can also have breast cancer as women. Commonly once men are detected with breast cancer mortality is already in 60%.

Why one need mammogram?

In mammograms, tumors can be spotted up to two years before you can feel them. In early detection, you will have 98% percent survival rate.

However, here in the Philippines many are still hesitant to undergo mammography procedure. Even with a healthy lifestyle, a person is still capable to have breast cancer and men can have it too.

Some popular reasons:

  • “I’m concerned it will hurt.”
  • “I’m worried about radiation.”
  • “Breast cancer doesn’t run in my family.”
  • “I don’t want to get bad news.”
  • “I’m just too busy.”

How do I position a mammography patient?


Breast Examination



The procedure will only takes around 5 minutes and less pain compare with other machines.