Pazzo Rollio, crazy rolled Pizza they say

Pazzo Rollio LogoPazzo Rollio literally means “crazy Roll” in Italian and surely their concept is crazy to some degree, because you won’t be enjoying your Pizza the way you’re used to. The concept of Pazzo Rollio was first conceived by Chef Ivan Tajonera when a friend asked him to make the menu for Focaccia restaurant in Makati, and is now a Partner & Chef at the same restaurant. With the help of two other individuals Mariko Jacinto and Miyuki Tajonera-Talwar they decided to start a restaurant Pazzo Rollio in heart, this resulted in the opening of its 1st branch at Robinsons Mall Magnolia where people from the young to the elderly can take into the unique and ‘crazy’ idea of rolling their pizzas.


Pazzo Rollio Restaurant (16)

Pazzo Rollio seeks to give their costumers the freshest and best ingredients and dishes, but at the same time offer them at a competitive value pricing while still maintaining the quality. They also want to promote healthy eating with organic ingredients and a plethora of vegetables and fruits enough to make the Italian flag cringe. The amount of customizability they offer you is also pretty good as you can make your Pizza from the ground up, well i guess not exactly but you can start from a clean slate and add your desired toppings. Although i find the Sharing service size Pizza to be too small for me, it should suffice for a group of 2 – 3 without an empty stomach.

Pazzo Rollio Restaurant (12)Pazzo Rollio Restaurant (10)

Of course all i been talking about is their signature Pizza,Pazzo Rollio Restaurant (6) they also have a small offering of Pasta, Salad, and Dips & Chips. What i like in particular, other than the Pizzas is the ‘Fellini’s Capellini’ it’s like a Lasagna and it just tastes amazing, you should definitely try it when you get around to visiting the place.

Now onto prices, i know everyone would be wondering for price. The Pazzo Rollio Pizzas will set you back PHP200 for Solo and PHP380 for Sharing, to create your own roll pizza will set you back PHP240 and PHP400 respectively. The photo below should give the complete list of prices.

Menu Flyer

Now with the reputation of the three people who started Pazzo Rollio i suspect this restaurant to be a hit among the younger people in the area, but only time will tell whether my hunch is true or not. I would definitely come back to eat there for when I go to see the movies. Speaking of movies they are literally just around the corner from the cinema area on the third floor. If you need more information their Facebook Page might help you.

Pazzo Rollio Philippines
3 Floor Cinema Level, Robinsons Magnolia