Introducing the New Look of Crazy Carabao’s Craft Beer Packaging: A Vibrant Homage to Filipino Culture

Crazy Carabao may have already been around for almost a decade, solidifying its position as a major player in the Philippines’ craft beer industry, but it proves that it’s a brand that continues to innovate and evolve as it has introduced new distinctive styles of beers complemented by a more attractive packaging that pays homage to its Filipino roots. 

To accompany the beer’s awesome taste, each Crazy Carabao bottle is now adorned with a single beaming color that shows vibrancy through the sunrays accentuated by symbols of Pinoy culture such as the Chocolate Hills, the jeepney, butanding, among others.   

To ensure that there’s something for the varying tastes of the Filipino market, Crazy Carabao has added a new flavor to its product offering: the Newtons Noggin Apple Cider for those who enjoy fruity and fresh notes with a mild kick. It complements Crazy Carabao’s other existing products, namely, the Pilsner which has notes of toasted malt, dry hops with bergamot zest and lemongrass. 

The zesty and citrusy Wheat is loaded with coriander seeds and a gentle amount of hops that showcase subtle hints of citrus and clove. It also has scents of orange and banana esters. The Pale Ale has firm bitterness that is matched with citrus and pine hops blend and crystal malt for a bold beer taste.  

For those looking for something light, there’s the Golden Pale which is brewed with a great balance of pale malt and Australian hops. Lastly, the India Pale Ale is perfect for those looking for something bold and aromatic as it contains intense tropical fruit notes from several North American hops and big British malts that provide sweetness up front followed by a cleansing bitter finish.  

To make it easier for beer lovers to find Crazy Carabao, the brand has also updated its website ( featuring a more vibrant design, with pages that are easier to navigate and, most importantly, a Beer Finder feature so they can check out the nearest outlets that sell Crazy Carabao – from bars, restaurants, groceries and stores around the country.  

Currently, Crazy Carabao is available in top bars and restaurants across Metro Manila, including  most of the 5-star hotels in the country and in all the main retailers such as S&R, The Marketplace, Landers Superstore, as well as in  Lazada, Shopee, and many other top online stores. 

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