Groove with the music at an affordable price with the realme Buds T100

realme is among the top brands for smartphones in The Philippines and you’ve without a doubt heard from in one way or the other, where it be from your friends or advertising. Maybe even from seeing their absoluley adorable mascot, realmeow! Regardless of where you’ve heard of them you might not know that they also make phone accessories that go along with their top selling phones!

Let me introduce to you one of their more affordable offerings the realme Buds T100 which only on their online platform for 1,299! That’s a pretty affordable price for the price-to-performance you get! Some of the highlights of the T100 is the 10mm Drivers, down-to 88ms response time, up to 28 hour operation, and AI ENC Noise Cancellation!

Body and Design

The realme T100 comes in a glossy egg shaped charging case which is VERY prone to scratches being stored in your pocket all the time, so a case for it might be good if you’re bothered by that. It does extend the usable time of the headset up to 28 hours based on their testing!

Build quality is light plastics all around, but they feel sturdy enough to not crack being sat on, but I can’t say the same thing about the hinge, I would definitely be careful with it there.

What I don’t like about this design however is the stems of the buds being in the centre instead of the edge, that means when putting it on and off back into the case I have to do a small finger twist to get it aligned. It’s a small inconvenience but it was big enough for me to immediately notice.

The box it came in is not really that exciting, but something to note is the photo upfront shows the Punk Black color of the T100 even though what I have is the Pop White, that might surprise you. Inside the box is the usual stuff you’d see with wireless earbuds, the charging case, two buds, documentation, small and large replacement buds, and a short USB Type C cable for charging.

Connecting and App

Getting it connected to my Android device is simple enough, you can go through the simple Bluetooth menu in settings or better yet download the realme Link app which gives you access Sound EQ Settings, Game Mode, button assignments, firmware updates, and battery percentage for the buds and case.

I did have a small issue with the buds fading in and out while in use but not fully disconnecting, and that’s when I connected direct without the app, when I got the app I was informed of a Firmware update which seems to have fixed my issue! Yes!

Launch firmware are rarely perfect, and they’re good for releasing a firmware update that seems to have fixed it!

Sound quality and usability

And to the most important part, how does it sound? They sound pretty good! Dialog is clear when watching Netflix movies, and music is very enjoyable when listing with Spotify, but it does have a noticeable bass bias when set to the Balanced EQ, rarely did it sound muddy though.

I would not recommend setting it to the Bass Boost+ or Bright EQ setting on the realme Link app, as those accentuates the low end or high end too much for my taste which is more neutral or the way the creators mean it be heard, but it really depends on the type of content you are on and preference.

Sound isolation is good and mic quality in calls in acceptable.

Touch controls are responsive and programmable in the app.


To finish it off, for the price of 1,299 at the time of writing, the realme buds T100 are attractive option for anybody looking for a TWS earbuds. I would recommend anybody considering to get this to take the Punk Black option, as it really is unique.


  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Stylish in Punk Black
  • Sounds great for the price


  • Has a slight low end bias
  • Can’t set a custom EQ
  • Charging case hinge could be more robust