Essilor Crizal Eyezen protecting your eyes from digital hazard

Essilor_Keep your eyes glued to the world_photo

As a gamer day in day out being in front of the computer make me prone to eye damage. There are times that for prolong hours using the computer you would feel tired, hot or itchy eyes. This is one indication of your eye is compensating and trying to keep up with the demand of your digital display.

Now Essilor had just released here in the Philippines their newest line Essilor Crizal Eyezen. Essilor Crizal Eyezen was said that it will viewing digital devices much easier.


Crizal Eyezen™ lenses are designed to replace ordinary prescription lenses or to assist occasionally the ones who usually do not need glasses, when viewing their digital devices. They exist in three (3) different optimizations according to the type of screen most used and the age of the patient. It features three revolutionary technologies—Eyezen Focus, Light Scan™ and W.A.V.E Technology that work in sync to relax the eyes from all digital stress and protect against harmful blue light.


Eyezen Focus Technology helps relieve the eye’s focus when using digital devices and reduces eye strain in ultra-near distances or for reading small characters by giving an extra power in the lower portion of the ophthalmic lens.


Light Scan™ Technology is a unique light filtering technology which protects eyes from the harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital screens. W.A.V.E Technology, on the other hand, eliminates lens distortion for sharper, clearer vision at every distance and better vision even in low light.

With its technology it is said that will help person wearing a Crizal Eyezen with this three (3) technology making your eyes relaxed and having that clear vision.