COCOLINE Naturals in The Philippines

COCOLINE NaturalsThe Philippines is the second largest producers of Coconuts in the world supplying almost 27% of the entire world supply. The humble coconut has been getting a lot of boost worldwide due to the scientific uncovering of its 300+ wonderful benefits that outperform other oils or beauty products. Due to its unmatched powers, scientists call it “the miracle fruit.

Coconut oil is the most common form of application for the skin and the problem with that is after application you’re left with a oily and sticky feeling on the skin. A way to aleviate this is to use a Lotion, and that is where COCOLINE Naturals comes in, a line of products to give you the benefits of Coconut but in a delightful look, smell, and feel.

COCOLINE Naturals are paraben-free. Parabens and other synthetic chemicals can be toxic to the body.  It was found that 98% of breast cancer tissues studied were paraben-laden. As more chemicals are introduced to our bodies, weakened cells lead to illness. There is definitely a growing concern worldwide. And with this, prevention is always better than cure.


COCOLINE Naturals Intensive Moisturizer

COCOLINE Naturals Intensive Moisturizer provides anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties of virgin coconut oil with the addition of licorice extracts that are known to have good anti-inflammatory and skin calming properties while helping even-out skin tone. It also has milk to provide additional nourishing to the skin without that oily feeling.

COCOLINE Naturals Lotion BodyWash Beauty Soap

COCOLINE Naturals Triple Whitening

For those who’d like to achieve fairer looking skin, COCOLINE Naturals Triple Whitening saves the day. It infuses the wonders of virgin coconut oil with the skin lightening powers of papaya enzyme, Kojic Acid and Vitamin C. Its lotion provides a matte finish for a natural looking coverage and SPF10 for daily protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Aside from elevating our country’s competitiveness in the world’s health and beauty market, COCOLINE also promotes an important advocacy that rallies support for our local coconut industry.  “The Philippines is known to be one of the biggest suppliers of coconut products to the world, and we are home to the best quality of coconut oil in the market. Our local coconut should be a source of pride and should be given the right support and attention,” asserts King.

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COCOLINE Naturals aim to be world class in both packaging and formulation. “We want Filipinos to be proud of the quality we can produce, not only for the local consumers, but also for the coconut-loving international market,” adds King.  COCOLINE is bent to offer true health and beauty products that are caring naturally. #COCOformySkin