Clara Benin opens 2023 with the release of When Harry Met Sally-inspired track

2022 has been a great year for Clara Benin. Aside from getting featured on a Times Square billboard in New York ahead of the International Women’s Day, the folk darling received two nominations at the recently concluded 8th Wish Music Awards and collaborated with international artists such as British singer-songwriter Lowswimmer. On top of her achievements, Benin also dropped a song called “Affable Dork,” which garnered rave reviews for “adopting a jazz-pop approach.” 

This year is no different for the prolific act, as she continues to delight Clarafied (her official fans club) with her remarkable consistency. Benin opens 2023 with a soothing tune that revels in the idea of ‘what ifs’ and how it often sparks curiosity and wonder. Her new single, “different… draws inspiration from a rom-com classic, a common theme among her last few releases. 

“I wrote this song after being inspired by the movie, When Harry Met Sally,” Benin admits. “My song “different…” is about having a really good friendship with someone and wondering if you two could take that relationship somewhere different.” 

In “different…,” Clara Benin takes a familiar musical route without losing the riveting earnestness of the subject. As expected, the FIlipino singer-songwriter has mastered the art of subtlety, and on “different,” it’s here to stay: beautifully woven as if it’s an integral part of Benin’s identity as an artist.  

The track is produced by Francis Lorenzo and Gabba Santiago, with her dad Joey Benin playing fretless bass. Clara initially recorded the vocals and guitars of the song in her dad’s studio in December 2021, during the time when she visited her family in her hometown. The rest, as they say, is history. 

“We went for a more stripped-down instrumentation so we could really highlight the lyrics,” reveals the talented singer-songwriter. “I really wanted to play around with more organic sounds. Majority of the percussive sounds that you hear in this song are actually just Gabba tapping on random things around my studio.”  

Check out Clara Benin’s “different…” is on all digital music platforms via OFFMUTE. 

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About Clara Benin 

Clara Benin is touted as the indie darling of the Philippines. She is one of the first artists under Sony’s new regional label OFFMUTE. Her signature angelic voice and melodic acoustic guitar playing bring a kind of serenity that her listeners gravitate towards. She has collaborated with Singaporean artists Charlie Lim for a remake of her hit single “Wine” and Gentle Bones for the pop track “A Day At A Time”. 

Widely loved for her warm and quiet demeanor, the acoustic-folk artist has played in notable festivals like Wanderland Arts and Music Festival in the Philippines, Music Matters in Singapore, and Zandari Festa in Korea. She sold out her first solo concert in 2016 for her album “Coming Home” and had a back-to-back concert with fellow artist Ben&Ben in 2018. 


OFFMUTE is a new pan-regional label by Sony Music Entertainment focused on championing new and emerging Southeast Asian artists from across all genres, giving them a dedicated platform to pursue their creative vision and reach audiences across the region.  

The new label will support Southeast Asian artists in amplifying their music and building a strong pan-regional audience base with the enhanced promotional, marketing, and artistic development of Sony Music’s global expertise and resources.  

OFFMUTE is the first-of-its-kind in Southeast Asia, embracing the eclectic appeal and rich diversity that Southeast Asia has to offer, and empowering artists with the resources and expertise to find cross-border success.  

OFFMUTE was launched in March 2021 with new artists signed from Indonesia (Mezzaluna), the Philippines (Clara Benin), and Malaysia (liesl-mae).