Chippy Twister perfect snack while gaming or with your barkada


I love snacking while playing my pc games, while watching tv show and as midnight snack. We usually have for snacks is assorted nuts or chips at home. One of my favorite snacks is Jack & Jill products like Cornets, Granny Goose, Piattos, and Chippy.

We all know Chippy with that red wrapper with Blue Chippy lettering. Now Chippy has come up with two new flavors that making snacking more fun with the family and barkada. New flavor, new packaging and new style.

The New Chippy Twister comes in two flavors the Taco & Spice and Cheese & Lemon. For a limited time only Chippy Twister is now in a new twisted form.




Taco & Spice is perfect for those palate that like a kick of spice. Cheese & Lemon very unique flavor that has this lemon flavor taste at the end of every munch.

This Jack N Jill Chippy Twister has only a SRP of P 21.90 that is exclusively sold in Robinson’s SuperMarket, SM Supermarket, Puregold, Minishop and Family Mart.

I am #TeamTacoandSpice or #TeamCheeseandLemon?

Not much fan of the lemon flavor in any other dish so I go to #TeamTacoandSpice. I love the spice blend of the Chippy Twister Taco and Spice than brings that excitement to my taste buds.



Enjoy with your Barkada!


One way for the whole barkada can enjoy Chippy Twister is have a contest #‎TeamCheeseAndLemon vs #‎TeamTacoAndSpice‬. It may be the best team to eat 10 packs of Chippy twister wins while on the road for a road trip. hehehe!!! You can do endless of possibilities when your with your barkada. 

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