Brother stronger with Brother Customer+ Loyalty Program

Brother PhilippinesMost companies have a Loyalty programme in place for their costumers and Brother Philippines is not getting left behind as they announce the ‘Brother Customer+ Loyalty Program’ for The Philippines. This new programme aims to create stronger bonds with life-long customers and focus on brand service and excellence. The

What the Brother Customer+ Loyalty Program is aiming to do is offer comprehensive training to costumers and send timely machine information, consumables, service,
survey and more importantly, special trade-in offer given two years from the time customers
become Customer+ members.

This program is truly a reflection of Brother’s ‘At your side’ mantra. The Brother Group commends
our Philippine subsidiary for coming up with this program, and going the extra mile to serve
customers and improve their Brother experience.

Takafumi Kamenouchi |Brother Industries, Managing Executive officer


Our customer loyalty program has been in place for some time now; and in running the program silently, the customer feedback that we’ve
gathered helped us improve the program to be more structured and to serve our customers
better. This improved program is what we are formally introducing today as ‘Customer+’.

Glenn Hocson, | Brother Philippines, President

Customers also gave testimonials on the comprehensive training they were given to be able to
maximize the use of their Brother printers. They said that through Brother’s various activities for
their customers, they are getting more value from their purchases. They were likewise pleased
at Brother’s personal approach to reaching out to their customers.